Pre-order FAQ

Do we open up blinds for photos?

It depends. If we determine that there is too much glare coming through the window (and we mean glare, not just light. Glare ruins photos) then we will keep the blinds nearly closed. If there is an abundant amount of light in the home naturally, we will keep all blinds opened horizontally. Each photographer is trained to determine on the spot how to handle the direction of the blinds.

Do we turn ceiling fan spinning off for photos, to avoid moving fan blur?

Yes, every photographer is trained to make sure ceiling fans are turned off at all times. In the rare occasion that the occupant / tenant is unwilling to cooperate with our professional requests, the ceiling fan may be spinning in the pictures.[/expand]

Do we make sure all of the lights in the home are turned on? The short answer is yes. However, in some cases we will turn the light off intentionally due to the following reasons:

  • Missing lightbulb(s)
  • Extremely warm color temperature light bulbs that cause yellowing of the photo
  • No electricity in home
  • Non working / missing light switches

How many photos do I get?

The amount of photos returned to the client is based on the home’s square footage. We take as many photos as possible to ensure all of the best angles are captured. To see a detailed estimate on photo count estimates, please visit our Pricing page.

Do we have a supra key to access homes with no one home / vacant?

Yes, all photographers are armed and ready with supra keys, allowing you to place an order with the ease of knowing we can access the home if you can’t be there to open the door. All we need is the lockbox CBS code. (Arizona Only)

FAQ on Current Orders

Where / how do I get my photos?

Our editing team will send out photos to the email on the order. Please remember to check both inbox and spam folders.

When do I get my photos?

Premium: Same day return before 11:59PM, except weekends. All Saturday shoots are sent by Monday before 11:59PM.

PremiumPlus: Next business day return before 11:59PM, except weekends. All Saturday shoots are sent by Monday before 11:59PM.

Twilight: Depends on the quality of photoshoot that you order, described above. Then, add one day. Example: Premium is next business day return before 11:59PM

Do we add the photos to the MLS?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to add images to the MLS on behalf of the agent. The ARMLS disallows this ☹. See: ARMLS – Rules & Regulations – 7. PARTICIPATION: section 7.2.ACCESS CREDENTIALS https://armls.com/docs/armls-rules-regulations.pdf

I don’t see my appointments when i’m logged into my account

If you are missing an appointment when looking on your “My Appointments” tab on your account, you may have ordered with a different email, or you may not have been logged in when placing the order. To keep track of all orders/appointments, please log into your account before placing all orders. By request, we can manually link your past and current appointments to your account.

How do I reschedule / cancel my appointment?

Please contact us to reschedule or cancel an appointment, or you may do so on your “My Appointments” tab on your account page and click “Cancel” next to the appointment. If there is no appointment there to cancel, you may not have been logged into your account when booking online.

I’m trying the For Sale By Owner route. How do I add your images to an online Real Estate Site? Check out this video: